Never Give In! – There is Always Hope! He will Never leave us or forsake us, NEVER!!

I set this website up over 8 years ago. It is driven by frustration for the many men and women who end their lives prematurely. Also for those who check out of life while they are still breathing.

A completely unqualified observation – I wonder is there a percentage of people who end up with Alzheimers or Dementia who have retreated from life in this way, because finding purpose or meaning got just too hard. I will never judge someone who steps back because they can’t seem to find a way, or a place, or a community to belong to. But it breaks my heart to see it happen. So much of our world is hurtling along at breakneck speed – in motion often without purpose. It has generated a momentum of its own – just hurtling. People get caught up in it and people get spit out by it. Often we may not know how or why – it just is.

Do we furiously in hindsight try to devise an explanation to describe our situation, to justify or make sense of what makes NO sense. we are exhausted, tapped out, confused and avoiding for all we are worth the threat of evaluation. To stop and take stock and ask ourselves some key questions is a terrifying prospect, because many of us know that we don’t know the answers as to how we got to where we are and howon earth can we get back some semblance of control. or even influence over our lives.

Many of us carry so much disappointment with ourselves, with our lives, with where we have found ourselves, that it can just be easier to check out.


I get that, BUT it is not a one-way street or a dead end. There are many ways out.

Can I Come Back From…? YES YOU CAN!

Can I come back from a lifetime of a passive avoidance of life. – Yes you can!

Can I come back from a sense of personal failure? Yes you can!

Can I restore fractured and broken relationships? Yes you can!

We place so much pressure on ourselves to perform at a level beyond what is humanly possible that it is no wonder we can throw in the towel and recede to a life of survival and avoidance. It is a crushing situation that is not necessary and can be turned around.

The seeds of the situation we can find ourselves in started long time ago, often completely outside our control. The consequences of this are lies that get sown like weeds in our soul and our mind. We make judgements and inner vows that give life to the lie. Most of this we are completely unconscious of. But like the insidious weed it is, it spreads and starts to turn up in our thoughts and then in what we say about ourselves. “I’m no good at this…” and “I don’t have what it takes…” and “you were always going to fail…” There is a whole lexicon of like thoughts and comments and we reinforce them by making connections with events and circumstances that ‘prove’ the lie is true. Because this is going on in the silent depths of our mind, it often goes unchallenged and becomes more and more entrenched.

Paraphrasing what it says in scripture “when these lies are conceived, they give birth to wrong beliefs, when they are fully grown, gives birth to destruction”. And in the same way these lies (which are sin because they do not line up with what God says about us) develop a life of their own and are very destructive.

So we with draw more and more, and shrink back and every step seems to confirm the lie as apparent truth.

But there is hope. That is why it is so important to remain connected – to our church family, to our own family, to friends.

I am reminded of the story of the Wilderbeast in Africa. The jackals sneak around watching out for an old or wounded Wilderbeast. They will try to separate it from the herd. Then they can take their time to take the animal down. In those situations it is vital for the wilderbeast to muster what strength it can and run into the middle of the herd where it can be safe.

Its the same for us. We need to avoid becoming separated from community to keep safe,

To Be Continued…

There is Always Hope!

This great quote I got from my great Mentor Doug Wead many years ago on an old cassette tape. He spoke about how no matter what the circumstance, there is always hope. A friend of mine has been diagnose with non-treatable Stage 4 cancer. The Drs are saying 6-12 months. But she believes it will be a lot longer than that. She has just welcomed her first grandchild into the world and is going nowhere. Purpose is so important in feeding hope! Also, the mother of a great friend has been on 6-12 months for over 7 years and is still going strong.

Neil Daniher, the famous AFL player and coach was diagnosed with MND, with the prospect of 2-3years life expectancy. Eight years later, Neil is still going. Yes, the disease has impacted him but he is still fighting. And he used the circumstance to set up a NFP that has raised $50million plus to fund research into the cure for MND. There is always hope. Rather than succumb to the prognosis he rose above it and has built a legacy that has given him and his family a focus and a purpose that has become an ongoing legacy.

To be continued…

Where There is Life – There is Hope


I have had this photo on the wall of my prayer room for many years. It was a gift from Julie , who came to a Bible Study Group we had some years ago.

It has always intrigued me, demonstrating that life can be tough, but it is determined and hard to extinguish. They say life is tenuous, and in some circumstances perhaps this may be true, but I remember reading a book about Hal Moore, “We Were Soldiers Once… and Young” who led the troops in the battle of la Drang, the first battle in the Vietnam war. He described how a forward battalion became detached and was being overrun. He was forced to call in air support under the ‘Broken Arrow’ command which was basically saying “all is likely lost so hit it with everything you’ve got”.

The amazing thing was that next day when they reached the forward battalion, most were still alive. I remember one soldier who was shot 5 times and his primary recall was that he just got so angry when the fifth shot hit his hand and he could no longer hold his rifle. He is alive and well today and farming in Montana. One guy was shot 6 times and survived and many others were hit more than once, yet survived. It puts a lie to the usual Hollywod script.

Just thinking about it brings me back to one of the many paradoxes of life: Life IS tenuous, precious and fragile, yet at the same time Life IS hardy, resilient and robust. We use the term “… clings to life…” which speaks exactly of what I am saying.

And this picture speaks of all of that. The plant is growing in a little cleft in the rock. It is green and healthy and holding on to life even though there may not be much nurture or support. We don’t need much to hold on to life and we will make the most of what is available.

The past failures are just beside it, but the plant clings to life. Its future may be written in the dead leaf, but right now, it is alive and living. So it is for us. The memories of past failures can be close to us and in clear view, but we can stay focused on living and drawing life from the Sun and whatever moisture and nourishment we can get.

Where there is life, there is hope! Who knows what the future may hold. There can be plenty to look at and hear and think about that will tell us there is not much future. BUT right now we are alive and living. Live today for today. Who knows what the future may hold!

Where There Is Life, There Is Hope! You are not done yet! Nothing is Impossible to Us When We Believe!

Welcome your comments and feedback.

All the Best, Brian Maguire –


Keep Starting – You Will Get There

Keep Starting – You Will Get There


Over the 20 plus years I have been coaching and supporting business owners I have gathered a great collection of one-liners and aphorisms.

This is one of the great ones! KEEP STARTING!

Way to Go!

If you always keep starting you will always succeed – eventually.

here I am, 64 years old, 25 kgs overweight and more unfit than I have ever been, but I keep starting, again and and again and….

So on July 1 I started again. I got up at 5.10 am and walked 2.5 kms (2.3 actually but whose checking), and did my stretches, had a good quiet time and stayed under my calorie target for the day. That’s a good ‘start again’. nothing really to the fit and flexible, but it is a start.

My goal is to do this every second day. So often before I would set out and do the same circuit or the same kms as I was doing the last time I stopped. Madness! – I can make myself do it, but I end up aching for days and my start again stops where it started.

This time I am going to set myself up for success and develop a sustainable habit along the way. That’s the goal anyway. And if I stop again, then sometiome in the future I will START AGAIN!

And this time I am going to keep a log or blog of my journey. And just put it out there on the web and see if I can’t build a little community of committed ‘Start Againers’. I am absolutely certain that though we may have travelled through our 50’s and even beyond, we are not done yet. As Churchill famously said “…we are just at the end of the beginning”.

There are more fortunes to be made, books to be written, plays to be created and lives to impact than ever before – and we have the track record and experience to get the most out of those opportunities.

Start On! Carry On! Keep Starting !

Happy to get your feedback comments and suggestions.

Until the next time, All the Best, Brian.