Keep Starting – You Will Get There

Keep Starting – You Will Get There


Over the 20 plus years I have been coaching and supporting business owners I have gathered a great collection of one-liners and aphorisms.

This is one of the great ones! KEEP STARTING!

Way to Go!

If you always keep starting you will always succeed – eventually.

here I am, 64 years old, 25 kgs overweight and more unfit than I have ever been, but I keep starting, again and and again and….

So on July 1 I started again. I got up at 5.10 am and walked 2.5 kms (2.3 actually but whose checking), and did my stretches, had a good quiet time and stayed under my calorie target for the day. That’s a good ‘start again’. nothing really to the fit and flexible, but it is a start.

My goal is to do this every second day. So often before I would set out and do the same circuit or the same kms as I was doing the last time I stopped. Madness! – I can make myself do it, but I end up aching for days and my start again stops where it started.

This time I am going to set myself up for success and develop a sustainable habit along the way. That’s the goal anyway. And if I stop again, then sometiome in the future I will START AGAIN!

And this time I am going to keep a log or blog of my journey. And just put it out there on the web and see if I can’t build a little community of committed ‘Start Againers’. I am absolutely certain that though we may have travelled through our 50’s and even beyond, we are not done yet. As Churchill famously said “…we are just at the end of the beginning”.

There are more fortunes to be made, books to be written, plays to be created and lives to impact than ever before – and we have the track record and experience to get the most out of those opportunities.

Start On! Carry On! Keep Starting !

Happy to get your feedback comments and suggestions.

Until the next time, All the Best, Brian.