Can I Come Back From…? YES YOU CAN!

Can I come back from a lifetime of a passive avoidance of life. – Yes you can!

Can I come back from a sense of personal failure? Yes you can!

Can I restore fractured and broken relationships? Yes you can!

We place so much pressure on ourselves to perform at a level beyond what is humanly possible that it is no wonder we can throw in the towel and recede to a life of survival and avoidance. It is a crushing situation that is not necessary and can be turned around.

The seeds of the situation we can find ourselves in started long time ago, often completely outside our control. The consequences of this are lies that get sown like weeds in our soul and our mind. We make judgements and inner vows that give life to the lie. Most of this we are completely unconscious of. But like the insidious weed it is, it spreads and starts to turn up in our thoughts and then in what we say about ourselves. “I’m no good at this…” and “I don’t have what it takes…” and “you were always going to fail…” There is a whole lexicon of like thoughts and comments and we reinforce them by making connections with events and circumstances that ‘prove’ the lie is true. Because this is going on in the silent depths of our mind, it often goes unchallenged and becomes more and more entrenched.

Paraphrasing what it says in scripture “when these lies are conceived, they give birth to wrong beliefs, when they are fully grown, gives birth to destruction”. And in the same way these lies (which are sin because they do not line up with what God says about us) develop a life of their own and are very destructive.

So we with draw more and more, and shrink back and every step seems to confirm the lie as apparent truth.

But there is hope. That is why it is so important to remain connected – to our church family, to our own family, to friends.

I am reminded of the story of the Wilderbeast in Africa. The jackals sneak around watching out for an old or wounded Wilderbeast. They will try to separate it from the herd. Then they can take their time to take the animal down. In those situations it is vital for the wilderbeast to muster what strength it can and run into the middle of the herd where it can be safe.

Its the same for us. We need to avoid becoming separated from community to keep safe,

To Be Continued…