There is Always Hope!

This great quote I got from my great Mentor Doug Wead many years ago on an old cassette tape. He spoke about how no matter what the circumstance, there is always hope. A friend of mine has been diagnose with non-treatable Stage 4 cancer. The Drs are saying 6-12 months. But she believes it will be a lot longer than that. She has just welcomed her first grandchild into the world and is going nowhere. Purpose is so important in feeding hope! Also, the mother of a great friend has been on 6-12 months for over 7 years and is still going strong.

Neil Daniher, the famous AFL player and coach was diagnosed with MND, with the prospect of 2-3years life expectancy. Eight years later, Neil is still going. Yes, the disease has impacted him but he is still fighting. And he used the circumstance to set up a NFP that has raised $50million plus to fund research into the cure for MND. There is always hope. Rather than succumb to the prognosis he rose above it and has built a legacy that has given him and his family a focus and a purpose that has become an ongoing legacy.

To be continued…

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