Never Give In! – There is Always Hope! He will Never leave us or forsake us, NEVER!!

I set this website up over 8 years ago. It is driven by frustration for the many men and women who end their lives prematurely. Also for those who check out of life while they are still breathing.

A completely unqualified observation – I wonder is there a percentage of people who end up with Alzheimers or Dementia who have retreated from life in this way, because finding purpose or meaning got just too hard. I will never judge someone who steps back because they can’t seem to find a way, or a place, or a community to belong to. But it breaks my heart to see it happen. So much of our world is hurtling along at breakneck speed – in motion often without purpose. It has generated a momentum of its own – just hurtling. People get caught up in it and people get spit out by it. Often we may not know how or why – it just is.

Do we furiously in hindsight try to devise an explanation to describe our situation, to justify or make sense of what makes NO sense. we are exhausted, tapped out, confused and avoiding for all we are worth the threat of evaluation. To stop and take stock and ask ourselves some key questions is a terrifying prospect, because many of us know that we don’t know the answers as to how we got to where we are and howon earth can we get back some semblance of control. or even influence over our lives.

Many of us carry so much disappointment with ourselves, with our lives, with where we have found ourselves, that it can just be easier to check out.


I get that, BUT it is not a one-way street or a dead end. There are many ways out.

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